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terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Monitto - Touch The Sky (feat. Teknik) (prod. por Hot Boy)


[Verse 1]

Its that nigga MO
Representing Click MO
Hard beats, dope rhymes, nigga thats the AMO
Disrespect the team, watch Fresco go green
We click pow, niggas get shooked, thats the M.O
And momma told me, never bring bullshit home
So your track don't even enter, I light 'em up and im gone
Its the Darkside, niggaz wish tha light would be on
I'm in my zone muhfukas gon' be dead and gone (Zoom)
Its a warning shot, bring your platoon
Its getting hot when the boy in the room with the boy Hot
You "Bet" not fuck with the Hooligans
Bully son
Trully don
I'm telling you we are certified goons (Moneyyyyyy)
Yelling Money is a movie
If the nigga cross the line roll him up like doobie
And the nigga tried to rap but the fucker is a groupie
And the nigga tried to act but we see his a pussy

I'm focused with my aim on the top
I'm hit but I ain't never gon' stop
They wonder if I ever gon' drop
And all I tell 'em is
I'm gon' reach the sky (Reach the sky)
I can touch the sky (Touch the sky)

[Verse 2]

And nigga I came alone, this is pocker I'm all in
Try to call it bluff, put your money on sixteen
The shit get mean
Fat lady will sing sing
Don't talk 'bout girls, see the hand pink ring
Shit means, that im moving up with the real
Your boy ill, heavy bars like im poppin the steal
Many rappers tried to fuck with my deal
Your boy killed
Many rappers try to steal
But these rappers never will (For Real)
Get it boy, go harder
Try to mess with your click, I say why bother
I be cleansing the streets nigga it's holy water
Corleone in this bitch now call me Godfather

[Hook 2x]


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